I Lied to Marianne Williamson


The festival is officially past-tense. Thank you to everyone who showed up, especially the people who do not fall into the friends and family category. Hope to see all of you at future solo-shows.

Breakkies during Tech

that's right a BEC sammy from Sunny & Annie's (on Avenue B)

watch me eat the sandwich here

24 hour diners are awesome

Can't sleep? Need a 26 minute break? 

listen here

Your Program is Your Ticket episode 46

Sunday 02/18

Was on Radio Free Brooklyn

3:00 -- 3:30 pm

I have no idea how Twitter works. If you do -- this will mean something to you

Twitter handle is @radiofreebk

coming after soon




UNDER St. Mark's

94 St. Mark's Place

January 16, 2018 -- at 11:30 pm

I was the "Special Guest." It was scary. I thought everyone was going to hate the Snapshot. Performed the intro, the opening 10 minutes and it was surprisingly well-received. As soon as I walked off stage I realized there were a bunch of things that needed to be changed.


On your way to Vacationland be sure to visit the men's room at this plaza along Route 95. The place is colossal.

That time when Chad and Randy fell in love

Shout out to Josh, my scene partner. Dude, I miss you.