June 20th 7 pm Kraine Theater

one night only

I Lied to Marianne Williamson

all my friends say the show is great. you won't know whether or not you agree with them unless you see the show.

Yeah, You Missed It

FRIGID Festival 2018

I Lied to Marianne Williamson: a totally true story

02/14 10:30 PM

02/17   3:50 PM

02/24   2:10 PM

02/27   7:10 PM

03/02   8:50 PM

UNDER St. Mark's $12.00

contemplate this (or don't)

"A people who will not face death cannot revere life."

-- Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States. Washington D.C.

14 July 1972

too late

November 19, 2017

Jane Golden 2-time MOTH StorySlam winner

George Saltz took a 62 year hiatus from the stage but heeee's back

Gianmarco Soresi MOTH StorySlam winner

Karmen Naidoo allegedly the tallest Indian female comedian in South Africa, plans to dwarf Gladys

Ilsa Jule has been known to get on stage and tell a story or two

live and on stage

New York Story Exchange -- Manhattan

The second Tuesday of each month. Ten bucks gets you in the door and includes 1 happy-hour type drink.

The best thing about this event -- there is never a theme. 4 featured performers for 10 minutes, each followed by 5, five-minute open mic slots.

The Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show -- Queens

Thursdays at 7 - 8 PM


but don't be a cheapskate buy at least 1 drink

The Astoria Bookshop

31-29 31st St, Astoria, New York 11106

No theme.

Fail better Storytelling -- Manhattan

Last Saturday of the month

3 - 5 PM


but don't be a cheapskate buy at least 1 drink

Offside Tavern 

137 West 14th St.

No theme, no filters. 10 tellers for 8 minutes each. 

You get what you pay for...

have you noticed a theme here? yeah, no theme. that's the way I like it.